Julien Segreto

VFX animator

Demo reel 2017


Reel breakdown :
1 - Personnal project
2 - Miss Sloane (movie) - Europa Corp
3 - Shadow Hunters (serie) - Freeform
4 - Personnal project
5 - Unit Zero (Pilote) - ABC
6 - Shadow Hunters (serie) - Freeform

Soundtrack : Start Shootin' - Little People

About me

As long as I remember I've always been bewitched by motion pictures, video games, photography and, of course, animation.

My passion for story telling brought me to study the performing arts of cinema, to understand how movies are made from a narrative stand point.

After travelling a bit and trying my way throught computer programming,
I jumped into the 3D industry as an animator, giving life to Garflied the cat on a TV series, before stepping into VFX.

Now, based in Montreal, Québec, I work as full time VFX animator for the movie industry.

Always interested in learning new skills, I attended Creature Animation workshops, on iAnimate.net, as well as Advanced Rigging class on CG Master Academy.


Download Resume

resume 2017 julien segreto

Contact me

Feel free to email me to ask for further informations, to submit any (descent) proposal, or to just say hello!